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About Tierra Ideas:

Tierra Ideas’ “Wearable Eco-Art” is the brainchild of artist and engineer Matthew Mahler. Passionate about the environment and unique ways to preserve it, Matt feeds his zest for innovation and reusability by reaching out to a vast array of companies and offering to take their discarded materials before they hit a landfill. From there he works feverishly to design and produce high quality, long lasting, hip bags for a multitude of purposes.

A proud member of the Green America Business Network, Tierra Ideas is committed to changing the way Corporate America disposes of its worn-out materials. Matt feels there’s an infinite number of ways to re-use these materials that will benefit all. “It’s a win for the planet, the forward thinking corporations, and the person who carries one of these bags. How many products can say that?”

The Tierra Ideas Story:

Company founder, Matt Mahler, grew up exploring and fishing in the marsh wetlands of southeastern Louisiana with his dad, Butch, an avid outdoorsman. Those many years spent developing a deep understanding of the tremendous value that wetlands provide, shaped his vision of conservation and care for nature's outdoors. His life’s passion guided him to a career in environmental engineering where he worked as a consultant and as an engineer for a state environmental agency. During a 2009 visit to a landfill, though, what he saw changed his outlook even more profoundly than those wetlands did from his youth.

A devotion to reducing the number of items destined for generations of decomposition was born – and so was Tierra Ideas.

What began as a one-man shop, where bags were sewn in Matt’s North Carolina garage, has grown to a company determined to help companies re-think how they dispose of their unwanted materials. His quest grows daily as additional corporations finally “go above and beyond” and open their warehouses and storage facilities for Team Tierra to help morph one person’s “junk” into another’s art.

Breathing New Life Into Old Goods -- One Bag At A Time” is not just a tagline, but also a way of life for Matt and everyone connected to Tierra Ideas.

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